Infertility solution for Women's with PCOS


PACE BioPharma distributes high quality food supplements, which can help reduce your symptoms, decrease your needs for medication and enhance your quality of life. Our products are selected to offer natural options with strong clinical evidences. They are exclusively distributed through specialized partners and our website. European partner companies produce the products with pharmaceutical manufacturing standards.


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PACE BioPharma is building its reputation with its high product quality, efficacy and safety as well as its human values.


Our mission is to optimize quality of life of many different Canadian groups by offering them innovating natural food supplements with clinical evidences. The company wants to maximize customer satisfaction by ensuring the judicious use of its products though the recommendations of healthcare professionals.


Pace BioPharma


Our vision is to build a leading company through best-in class execution of the search, acquisition, commercialization, and focused development of innovative and unique natural health products that improve life-long human health and wellness.

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